Eric Pendlebury
Eric Pendlebury, born 1925, was the oldest child of six living in a two-up two-down terraced house in Salford, England. He was never a drinker. He was a lover of Boxing, of classical music, and of course painting. Eric never pursued a career in art, he spent his time in various non-art related jobs, from a Piano Tuner, to Salesman, to an Administrator in a Valve Factory. Always looking to pay the bills and support his family before following his own personal love of painting.
Eric nonetheless continued to paint at his leisure, entering local competitions and hanging his works around the walls of the homes of his family and friends, often giving paintings away for nothing.
He was a self-taught artist, and it is not clear as to where he originally got the idea to paint, as none of his relatives had painted previously. He used to paint with any materials he could, using cupboard doors and old pieces of scrap wood and board, he would paint using a kitchen knife, sometimes late a knight, having to have the knife clean again for the breakfast table.
The whereabouts of most of Eric's painting is pretty much unknown, as he was more than generous in giving them to people who said they liked them. So it is sad to say that since his death in 1977, we have only managed to retrieve and photograph a small number of his works, images of which we hope to add to this page in the future.
Eric Pendlebury would sometimes sign his paintings 'Erpen', which is why Anthony and Nathan use this name when exhibiting together. Eric was a great influence and a true inspiration on both his son Anthony and his grandson Nathan, and he has it seems passed on something through what is now 3 generations and is also hopefully something that will continue further to be built upon by future generations of the Pendlebury family.